Client and Employee Experiences

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  • "This is the first place I have worked that I actually feel appreciated! You’re great, and I thank you for being so helpful anytime I need something."

    Tara R.
  • “A good friend of mine works for your company and she loves it! You all come highly recommended by her, and I'm so excited for this opportunity! Thank you so much!”

    Tara S.
  • "It's always great to hear from you. I have happy thoughts and associations with you. You do your job well. Your first impression is a positive and long lasting one."

    Lisa H.
  • "My mom works at your company, and she loves the job. She also loves the person that she cares for. The person that my mom cares for loves my mom. The reason I am writing to your company is because my mom really likes to work with the person she works with. She also loves to be a caregiver. So I just want to thank you for letting her have the job."  

    Preia H.
  • "I wanted to thank you all for genuinely caring for your consumers and your employees. I have never experienced such 'real' compassion in all of my life. Most companies are in it for the money and could care less about their clients and staff; not Harmony! I am so honored to be working for such a considerate, kind, and extremely understanding company such as yours."

    Steph B. Indiana, PA
  • "Wow, it is hard to believe that it has already been 12 weeks since we started working together. I deeply appreciate the service your team has provided to me. Gina, Kelly, Patty, Judy and Shane have performed a very professional and awesome job.

    Juan M Irwin, PA
  • "I am amazed at the efficiency with which my aide performs her tasks. I am extremely happy with the in-home services I receive!"

    Anonymous Westmoreland County, PA
  • "I’ve had visiting nurses before, and they never took care of me the way Harmony has. I live with my son, and the nurses even left him detailed notes of the day's visit and progress. I am almost 87 years old and was very comfortable when they were visiting. We are both very appreciative of everything Harmony has done for us. I will tell and have told people of the service that Harmony Home Healthcare has given me.”

    LaVerne L. Pittsburgh, PA

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