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New and prospective customers often have questions about the healthcare services Harmony offers. The following are answers to questions people frequently ask.

Can I get help after normal business hours?
Harmony staff answers phones 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Our registered nurses are also on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Call toll free: (724) 871-7373 or (412) 573-7338 to speak with one of our home care specialists.

Once I engage your services, how long will it take to get services in place?
We aim to have caregiver services in place within 24 hours and where possible, within the same day.

What if we do not like the caregiver?
We understand that interpersonal relationships are important for the caregiver and patient. We do everything possible during our Complimentary consultation to find the perfect match. However, if a caregiver is not right for your situation, we are happy to find one who is compatible.

If a stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility is required, can an aide or nurse stay in the facility?
Yes, our home health care aides are available to stay with patients in the hospital or alternative healthcare facility. Patients find that many facilities cannot provide this type of one-on-one attention and care.

Can you provide someone to go to doctor’s appointments?
Yes, our home health care aides may accompany patients to medical appointments when approved by the assigned Registered Nurse supervisor.

I live out of town and my mom or dad needs help getting out of bed in the morning and getting back upstairs in the evening. Can Harmony help?
Yes, our home health care aides are available to meet your requirements in the timeframe necessary to meet your needs. Our goal is to deliver peace of mind.

My parents live in the South during winter months, can Harmony provide home health services year round?
Our experienced and compassionate employees will work with you to deliver uninterrupted quality care for individuals who spend winters in the South and summers in Western Pennsylvania.

Can you provide me with references?
We are always happy to provide references.

What are my payment choices for home healthcare services?
Our trained patient care advocate will investigate all avenues of payment to maximize your level of coverage to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. We partner with a number of insurance companies and special programs to assure access to the best in home health care. Payment plans are also available for home healthcare services.

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