Caring for Family, Friends and Neighbors

Harmony is founded with a single focus; providing quality compassionate home care to the residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our employees, your neighbors, friends and family in Southwestern Pennsylvania, represent Harmony’s foundation. Harmony is backed with over 15 years of recruiting and employing the brightest, most compassionate, conscientious medical professionals to care for our patients.

We understand that delivering care must be patient-centered and can only be effective when we understand the mind, body and soul of each individual. We take very seriously your decision to invite us into your home. That is why we make sure that each employee’s background, competency, skill-set, and personality match your unique needs, desires and challenges. We also acknowledge that your care does not have a set-schedule, so we are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Harmony works hard every day to earn your trust. Our relationship starts with a complimentary consultation and complimentary annual and post-hospitalization assessments. We also work diligently to make the cost of care affordable.

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To build stronger communities by enriching the lives of others through memorable connections and extraordinary care.

We are an organization where Integrity Trumps All.  We take the time to Stop, Listen and Understand when communicating with a colleague, client, patient or stranger because Relationships Matter. We are Committed by Choice and will always be Relentless to Succeed because challenges are Not Problems but Opportunities. We thrive by personifying Passion for Compassion in everything we say and do knowing the Happiness is Healing.  Only collectively will be fulfill our purpose so we are All in to Win.

Core Values

Stop, Listen & Understand

Commitment by Choice

Happiness is Healing

Relentless to Succeed

Relationships Matter

Passion for Compassion

Integrity Trumps All

Not Problems, but Opportunities


Harmony Professionals Commit to:

  • Conducting themselves in a professional manner with a high level of accountability – to their profession, job and employer.
  • Recognizing integrity as doing what is right and pursuing a high standard of conduct and honesty in all situations.
  • Treat all individuals encountered or entrusted to their care with respect and dignity.
  • Deliver quality patient care and service unrestricted by concerns of personal attributes and without discrimination.
  • Carry out responsibilities of assigned care duties with a spirit of teamwork; respecting patients and conducting themselves in a manner that contributes to an environment conducive to improving health.
  • Protect confidences entrusted to them in the course of professional practice, respecting the right to privacy of the patient; revealing confidential information only as required by law to protect the welfare of the individual or community.
  • Use equipment and accessories, employ techniques and procedures, and perform services in accordance with acceptable standards of practice.
  • Respect all laws and avoid any involvement in false, fraudulent or deceptive activity.